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The biggest money in investment management is made when money flows switch between asset classes. TenViz AI offers data-driven solutions for investment management based on both innovative machine learning (ML) and advanced statistics. Our AI-powered methodology outperforms conventional investment strategies by suggesting better timing and decisions. We provide investment advisors and fund managers with highly accurate directional signals and rich explanations for all global asset classes by using machine learning for investment management. Since 2017, our institutional clients have proactively captured all big cross-asset rotations, made smarter decisions and improved performance by 20-25%.


TenViz AI helps investors to be among the firsts on the right side of rotation, when consistent sequence of global market events proves the next big style/market turn.

The biggest secret of Wall Street professionals – run the momentum trades. Without artificial intelligence (AI) in investment management, fund managers and investment advisors aren’t properly equipped to fight on today’s investment field.

TenViz AI enhances the investment management process by monitoring all global asset classes:
  • Track and predict all Rates and Yield Curves, Equities and Credits for more than 50 countries
  • Add granularity from market breadth for more than 10,000 stocks globally
  • Pre-clean noisy data intelligently to isolate a true signal
  • Send emerging alerts about leading market dependencies

Do you see how you can systematically benefit from using TenViz AI as your AI-powered Macro Advisor?


Improve performance by adding the AI-powered macro layer to your investment management strategy.

Investing is changing and fundamentals are reaching their limits:

  • 1. Machines automated existing investment processes
  • 2. Single class approaches are depleted, yet most investors are not equipped to exploit cross-asset dependencies
  • 3. Fundamental investment management, ossified for decades, has become crowded and is losing its edge

TenViz generates AI-powered, predictive signals on stocks driven by estimated flows across Bonds, Equities, and Commodities.


TenViz AI generates Wide/Narrow Market signals when an unusually high number of markets behave abnormally using machine learning.

Use the AI-driven switch between Risky and Safe investments to enhance the asset management process and achieve substantial outperformance over markets.

  • BREXIT: forecasted the negative outcome 2 weeks before the vote
  • img US ELECTIONS: predicted subsequent market rally in 2016
  • img COVID
  • img GOLD: buy on Gold related to $US weakening, before it became the top news headline
  • img RATES: Markets were cooling down, broad de-risking – well-timed calls for the bullish flattener
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Konstantin Fominykh,

CEO and Founder

  • 15 years on Wall Street: Chief Equity and Cross-Asset Strategist at JP Morgan (CIO)
  • Senior Portfolio Manager at Citigroup (oversaw investing across several sectors globally)
  • Consultant with BCG; managed IT projects for Anderson Consulting (Accenture)
  • MBA from Harvard; MSc Biophysics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, MA the New Economic School, Russia, CFA designation
Irina Chankina, PhD

COO, Partner

  • 10 years in Forecasting and Advanced Statistics
  • Python, R, PostgreSQL, Project Management, Agile
  • PhD Economics/Mathematical Modeling, Kharkiv University of Economics
Alina Khodko, PhD

Partner, Chief Data Scientist

  • 7 years in R&D (Science and Tech), Financial Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  • R, Python, SQL, Deep Learning
  • PhD , Physics, IOP of NAS of Ukraine
  • Chairman of HyrerCar
  • Founder IGA Capital
  • CFO, Investor Services JP Morgan
  • Consultant – Booz Allen
  • Harvard Business School, MBA
  • Harvard University, BA
Leo Schmidt,


  • 30 years in senior investment roles: The Chubb Corporation, Nuveen Investments
  • New York University, MBA
  • Columbia University, BA Economics
  • CFA designation
Charles Wyman,


  • 30 years of experience in investment research and portfolio management
  • Partner, Portfolio Manager, and Chief Risk Officer at Seaport Investment Management
  • Partner, Portfolio Manager, and Chief Risk Officer at Arx Investment Management
  • Head of Global Credit Research at Pimco
  • Senior Credit Research Analyst in Morgan Stanley’s Global High Yield Group
  • MBA from Harvard
What our clients say

Great call last week. I was already bringing my risk down, but cut risk very aggressively immediately after the TenViz call, and that was a great move.

Portfolio Manager, NDA

(TenViz) calls on rates have been very accurate

CIO of a major Fixed Income & Credit Fund